EPC tips

These elements all effect the Energy Efficiency Rating and Environmental Impact Rating of your property as shown on your EPC, improving these can greatly increase your energy rating

Your EPC is created using Reduced Data methodology (RdSAP) this means for any of the elements below to be included in the EPC survey the assessor must be able to photograph them with any measurements as required or you should provide documentary evidence otherwise they will be omitted and the overall EER rating will not be a true reflection of the property.

Example; You may have cavity wall insulation in your walls so the assessor will look for drill holes in the outer brick leaf or you may have a CIGA guarantee certificate in which case cavity wall insulation can be included in the assessment.

However, if you have cavity filled walls which have been rendered over so the assessor cannot see any evidence and you do not have a copy of your CIGA guarantee certificate then the assessor must omit cavity wall insulation from the assessment and this can have a great effect on the overall rating

Another example of this is floor insulation or room in roof insulation - if you have these retro-fitted keep any paperwork as evidence because the assessor is not able to lift floor boards etc so these elements would have to be omitted if there is no physical or documentary evidence


Low energy lighting

Try to avoid old style Tungsten lights or halogen spotlights and instead opt for either low energy light bulbs or preferably LED lights


Hot water cylinder insulation

It is good to insulate your hot water cylinder. A hot water cylinder jacket is cost effective and a great way to insulate your tank


Hot water cylinder thermostat

If you have a hot water cylinder in an airing cupboard make sure there is a thermostat fitted like the one in the picture


Heating system controls

Very important to control the time and temperature of your central heating system. This has a big effect on your EPC rating


Thermostatic radiator valves (TRV's)

Most radiators should have one of these but not usually in the same room as a room stat


Room Thermostat

Often found in a hallway where you will likely find a radiator with no TRV. Also wireless room stats are becoming more popular, these can be moved from room to room


Floor Insulation

If your floor is suspended timber floor boards it may be possible to have floor insulation retro-fitted


Loft Insulation

It is always a good idea to ensure there is good insulation in your loft. Heat rises! this has a big effect on your energy efficiency


Wall Insulation

For cavity walls find a local reputable installer to advise if your walls are suitable. There are various types of insulation so its important to make sure what is suitable to your property. For solid walls they may advise internal/external wall insulation



Very important to have good glazing in your home as this is a big heat loss area - double or triple glazing should be fitted where possible otherwise consider secondary glazing


Gas / Oil Boilers

Central heating systems must have an efficient boiler as it can have a massive effect on your EPC. A reputable plumber/heating engineer would advise whats best for your home


Renewable Energy

Very popular new technologies for heating your home and water; Solar thermal systems, Solar PV panels, Ground / Air source heat pumps, Biomass boilers. - Research well and ensure you are dealing with a reputable company